Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Revised Edition Now Available!

I am pleased to announce that the 2nd edition of "Creating Wealth..." is now available. It has been completely revised and updated in the aftermath of the Great Recession and focuses on opportunities available to entrepreneurs in the "New Normal" economy of the 2010s.

Topics covered include:

- why businesses fail
- ten management skills found in successful small business owners
- strategies to transition from self-employment to entrepreneurship
- advantages that small businesses have over larger competitors
- tips to develop profitable pricing strategies
- innovative ideas to help develop a sound business model

Both hard cover and paperback versions can be ordered from any local book store or from Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and most other on-line book sellers. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer free shipping for paperback and hard cover versions. E-versions are available for the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook. The ePub format is also available for PCs, mobile devices and the SONY reader. The price of electronic versions starts at $7.99. Any of these formats will work with the Apple iPad using the appropriate reader apps which are available as a free download. You can read short sections at no charge on both the Amazon and Barnes and Noble web sites.